Visiting Green Tea Plantations in South Korea

When traveling to Asia, you can’t just go on a whim. There has to be a reasonable amount of preparation and planning, even if you’re a pro traveler.

Although we had not yet worked out our specific travel details, we went to South Korea knowing about the green tea fields. Only by a miraculous act of God did we find our way onto a bus in Seoul that led us 5 hours south to Boseong, the closest city to the Daehan Dawon Green Tea Plantations. We were excited to actually make it there, but wish we had known a few things before going:

  • Little English
    • Boseong is a little rural town, and the few English speakers we found were in the center of town. If you need help, ask the ticketing agents at the train station before you head to your accommodation. They were very helpful in getting us information about local transportation as well as long-distance back to Seoul.
    • Our pension host, although very kind, didn’t know any English, which made it very difficult in every aspect: checking in/out, meals, etc.
  • No WiFi
    • I don’t have an international data plan, thus, WiFi is very important. We didn’t have WiFi at our pension or at the touristy green tea plantation. This made it very difficult to arrange transportation to and from the park as well as tickets back to Seoul.
  • Accommodation
    • When we researched available accommodation in Boseong, most travel search engines only came up with a couple of options. We had to pick the cheapest of the two, since the other was $350/night. When we got to Boseong, it turned out there were a few more small hotels in the center of town that didn’t show up on the internet. Boseong is not a very busy city, and it may be wise to decide on a hotel when you arrive, rather than planning ahead of time.
  • Daehan Dawon – the green tea plantation
    • ~$5 entrance fee
    • Food available at stands near the entrance
    • A park with hiking trails
    • Few tourists
    • A local bus stop outside the entrance

Now, for the best part of this excursion: the pictures.

Golmangtae Pension
Golmangtae Pension
Golmangtae Cave
The cave at our pension
View from Golmangtae
Our 5 A.M. view from Golmangtae
Golmangtae Pension
Golmangtae Pension from afar
Daehan Dawon Entrance
The walkway to Daehan Dawon
Waterfall at Daehan Dawon
Daehan Dawon
The green tea fields seem to go on forever!
The Wayfaring Man amidst the rows of green tea
Daehan Dawon View
You can see the East China Sea from atop Daehan Dawon!
TWW Walking
Walking back from Daehan Dawon

Next goal: Vietnam rice fields.

The Wayfaring Woman

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