15 Netflix Shows to Inspire Your Travels


Responsibilities like mortgages and bills often hinder traveling. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone — including me! Until I decide that credit scores don’t matter, I can’t neglect my commitments. So, when I’m home taking care of my duties instead of traveling, I turn to Netflix.

Many of us have subscriptions to Netflix (or at least the password to other peoples’ accounts… guilty) but haven’t been utilizing them for travel; there are countless movies and documentaries that show us a glimpse of the world without having to emerge from the depths of our couches. It is a great asset for travelers when we want to just go but are stuck at home handling these responsibilities.

Here are 15 of my travel favorites on Netflix:


Human Planet
An Idiot Abroad
The Layover
Living on One Dollar
Mile… Mile & a Half
On the Way to School
Planet Earth
(similar programs include Life, Frozen Planet, Wildest Islands, etc.)


Hector and the Search for Happiness
In Bruges
Take Me Home
The Way

Avoid: Why Planes Vanish, Air Disasters

Have you seen any good travel shows on Netflix that are not on this list? Add them in the comments below!

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