Why I Travel with a Kindle

Why I Travel with a Kindle

I’ve always been an avid reader. From novels to instruction manuals, reading makes me content. I love to learn and know that I am learning, and the feel of a paper book does just that. In a paper book, I can set goals and dog-ear pages to see my progress.

I especially love reading while I travel. During travel, I have ample time to dive into several books, and for years I was carrying at least 4 paper books with me on any trip. It didn’t matter if I would be gone two days–I wanted options!

Recently, though, everything went digital. Newspapers, magazines, and novels alike. At first, I resisted the digital-reading fad. I disliked that such a traditional form of art was being transformed by technology. Since then, I’ve conformed to society and gone paperless, and it has enriched my travels immensely.

Why I Travel with a Kindle:

1. Reading options. As long as there is wi-fi connection, I can instantly download any book I want.

2. Less Baggage. Not hauling around multiple books is saving me a ton of space in my luggage. Sometimes I can pack more clothes, and sometimes I can travel with one less bag.

3. Great Prices. Most of the books I buy are either free or $0.99. On Abebooks or at another pre-owned bookstore, the cheapest paperbacks are at least $3.00. With great prices on digital texts, you can still buy the ones you love in print to add to your collection!

4. Focused Reading. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, and it has beautiful, book-like pages. The reason I travel with my Kindle–as opposed to the iPad or other tablets–is that I get focused reading time. Since the KP operates purely for reading purposes, I’m not tempted to get distracted by other apps like Facebook or Candy Crush.

I still prefer paper books to digital. In fact, we have an entire room in our house dedicated to them: a mini-library where we can read and study printed texts by the fireplace.

But when it comes to reading on the go, digital books have enhanced my travels ten-fold.

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