The Wayfaring Woman – An Introduction


I am The Wayfaring Woman, a travel blogger and photographer. I have spent the past 9 years travelling to over 20 countries and counting. From choir tours to being an airline employee to missionary work, I have almost every travel experience under my belt. And now it’s time to put my knowledge to work.


I started this blog to share some amusing anecdotes, helpful tips, and feature my travel photography.

I chose the pen name The Wayfaring Woman. Wayfaring is an older word that means “to travel by foot”; travelling by foot is a very visceral and primordial way of travel. I want to represent myself as this basic traveler to let others know that traveling isn’t just for the well-off. Anyone who has passion will succeed– I want to encourage and help you achieve all your travel aspirations.

The Wayfaring Woman


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