A Weekend Away: Minneapolis, MN


Our next weekend destination takes us to Minneapolis, MN. We traveled here in autumn, and it was a beautiful time to visit this northern city.


Mall of America

The Mall of America is an inevitable experience when traveling to Minneapolis. Although I’m not a huge shopper, the mall itself was incredible. I’d always heard rumors about the mall amenities, but there are actual rollercoasters and an aquarium inside the mall! I was overwhelmed after 2 hours at the MOA, but some visitors spend a whole vacation here.

University of Minnesota

We love visiting college campuses when we travel. They usually have beautiful buildings and courtyards, and the U of M was no exception. We were able to take a quick, self-guided tour on our bikes. The Mississippi River also runs through the middle of the campus, and riding on the bridge that crosses it was a neat experience.

Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun was my favorite spot in Minneapolis. The sun reflected off the water, and small boats glided across the lake. For the nature-minded traveler, this is your haven in the middle of busy Minneapolis. While we were here, we ate at The Tin Fish, whose tables overlooked the water.

20151003_093420 (2) The entrance to the Mall of America. I’m overwhelmed just looking at this picture.20151003_170830The Mississippi River from the bridge that connects the University of Minnesota. Picture taken while riding a bike – impressive, huh?


Metro Blue Line

The Blue Line in Minneapolis is one of my favorite metros in America! It can take you from the airport, to downtown, to the Mall of America. We used the Blue Line for all of the above, and it was a great decision: inexpensive, simple, and speedy.

Bike Rental

We used Nice Ride, a bike rental system within Minneapolis, and got a 3-day pass for $10. This allowed us to have unlimited rides all over the city. The only issue is that you have to return your bike every 30 minutes to a station or you will get charged extra. Fortunately, everything in Minneapolis is pretty close together, and the stations are everywhere. They also have an app where you can check for the nearest station. Once you “return” your bike, you can check it back out for 30 minutes for no charge. It was a fun way to explore the city – we used them all day and well into the night.


The Tin Fish

The Tin Fish sits on Lake Calhoun and has a beautiful view of the water. Aside from the view, The Tin Fish has every type of food you could want: oysters, hamburgers, ice cream, beer — you name it, they have it!

What are your favorite sites in Minneapolis?

The Wayfaring Woman

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